Our Story

We believe in all things natural, we believe in wellness, We also believe that everyone deserves to have experiences that will aid them on their journey through this life.  We understand through our own hardships that life can be tough at times, but we realize that there are beautiful tools to help each and every one of us find our way to a more balanced, calm state of being, a place where we can ground and work from in a positive way, in all aspects of life. 


Here at The Lotus Cafe, Yoga Studio & Shop, we have put our hearts and minds into consciously encompassing many different offerings with you in mind.  We have built our space with a mission, a calling, to offer a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for you to come and enjoy, decompress and just be.  From our natural focused, "clean eating"  we offer, our studio's classes and workshops, our massage and holistic spread to our conscious, earthy and cultural shopping experience we love what we do, we love our space and we love seeing all of you choosing wellness and awareness with us because simply...this is what the world (Everyone of us) needs.


About the Owner


Born in Michigan, Stephanie was brought through to her life by her late parents Stephan and Evaleen.  Stephan being a craftsman at heart and her mother beginning to explore a more holistic way of living, she had the opportunity to embrace both gifts from each parent.  She believes that there is no mistake as to who we come through and sees the impact early on these traits would serve in her life and in the life of others.


As Stephanie got older the urge to explore further from her birth state was weighing strongly and after adventuring around the states, made the decision to travel to South Africa at the age of 22. This experience would forever ingrain in her the primal understanding of life and joy through simple lifestyles and traditions.  After returning to the states, she set her eyes on leaving Michigan for good and over a ten year period, moved her way through the states of Nevada, California, Hawaii, & Texas, to end up in Ogden, UT.  Her explorations have taken her to parts of Mexico, Central America and South America and to Bali where she trained for her 200 hour RYT in 2011.  Upon completion the urge to open a place of positive influence for a community was magnified and so she set forth to follow that passion in Ogden. 


Arriving in Ogden in December 2011, a year later Lotus was born.  Here she resides with her vision, passion and ever growing space on 25th Street cultivating a space of consciousness, wellness, growth and culture; Stephanie welcomes you to share in this experience.  As her business and offerings grow she has been able to travel to Costa Rica obtaining her 300 hour Advanced RYT and is now working along side her fellow instructors in offering a 200 hour and 300 hour RYT right under Lotus's roof.  She has also completed her Holistic Health Practitioner Degree in 2020 and looks forward to offering another branch of healing for her community.  

Though things can and will be challenging Stephanie encourages everyone to keep hold of the vision of the heart and never give up on what is yours to offer to this world.