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Our Story

We believe in all things natural, we believe in wellness, We also believe that everyone deserves to have experiences that will aid them on their journey through this life.  We understand through our own hardships that life can be tough at times, but we realize that there are beautiful tools to help each and every one of us find our way to a more balanced, calm state of being, a place where we can ground and work from in a positive way, in all aspects of life. 


Here at The Lotus Cafe & Shop, we have put our hearts and minds into consciously encompassing many different offerings with you in mind.  We have built our space with a mission, a calling, to offer a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for you to come and enjoy, decompress and just be.  Our cafe offers natural focused, "clean eating". Explore our earthy and cultural shopping experience. We love what we do, we love our space and we love seeing all of you choosing wellness and awareness with us because simply...this is what the world (Everyone of us) needs.

About the Owners


Shane and Ruthie came to Utah separately and each found a home here. They met in 2017 and discovered a parallel passion for holistic health and living. They fell in love in this beautiful town of Ogden–a town full of creative and adventurous people. Both Shane and Ruthie are devoted Yogis. They are both masters in the practice of Reiki. More than anything, they love the landscape, the mountains of Utah. They spend a lot of time on trails and bagging peaks. Food is the exclamation point on their adventures, so The Lotus Cafe was the perfect next step. Recently becoming the owners, they plan to carry on the original purpose while adding their own creative ideas. Shane and Ruthie are proud to serve this community with love and healing intentions. Healthy food, healthy lives!

More than a cafe--a community, a way of life!

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